Reasons Why Handcrafted Lasts Longer

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While there are many different materials for making a household furniture, just as well as hundreds of styles to comply its look with, the handcrafted wooden furniture still leads the industry and is the favorite among customers all across the US. But why? Simple...

Teak is the Perfect Outdoor Material

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The number of the types of wood used in furniture making can puzzle any outsider non-carpenter. But let's just quickly state some facts about the teak wood we're talking about here, shall we? It is a tropical hardwood tree, known for its durability and its..

What Should You Look for in a Sofa?

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If you're looking to close the deal on a sofa, most likely you've just moved into a new house or an apartment and you're looking to have a sofa match its style. But besides the design, what other features should you be keeping your keen eye on? Firstly...

Assess the Antique Furniture Properly

With this whole vintage furniture thing on the rise in the US, we've decided that making a short buyer's guide on things to look for and things to avoid will be a great idea. Firstly, you should examine it really good for...signs of age! This serves a double

Picking What to Get Rid of During Moving

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When a move from one residential location to another one is concerned, you're just poised to leave some of your old stuff, furniture including, behind... As sad as this may seem, it's best of all to take a practical approach when choosing what goes and...