We are a Charity Concentrating on Human Development,
and Humanitarian Efforts in Maldives

Our Impact


More than 100 scholarships were granted for Maldivians to study abroad in different fields required for national development. Especially the sponsorship of doctors for their specialisation have made a huge impact in the quality of healthcare in Maldives.


Over a million US Dollars have been donated to individuals, NGO’s and Government bodies as a part of our humanitarian efforts. A recent highlight was our contributions to the Covid-19 relief efforts by the Government of Maldives in terms of machinery, equipment and medical supplies.

Areas of focus


We believe developing and strengthening human and institutional resources is the corner stones of maintaining sustainability of the national development. We help Individuals, NGOs, public and private institutions in this regard. We support strengthening human capital through fully funded sponsorship and loan grants.


We focus on strengthening health sector by providing state of art equipment to national health institutions and care centers. We provide grants for medical practitioners to pursue specialization and sub specialization qualifications. We assist individuals in need of medical care that is not available within Maldives.

Community Care

By collaborating with Governmental and Non Governmental organizations we engage in providing care to the most vulnerable groups within our community. We strive to make a difference in every day people's lives through our humanitarian efforts in times of distress, disasters and national emergencies.

Our Mission is to contribute in alleviating the well-being of the community through human development and humanitarian efforts focused on education, health and community care.

Funding Partners

Our Founation is mainly funded by Universal Enterprises and Universal Resorts
Universal Enterprises

Project Partners

Universal Foundation partners with Government and Non-Governmental Organizations to carry out various human development and community care projects within Maldives.

Executive Commitee

Our Mission

The Universal Foundation works directly and in partnership with both private and public organisations to sustain and develop programs which will enhance the channels through which Maldivians can expand their opportunities. 

Our Mission will be to support and foster a wider community to connect through our mutual aspirations to alleviate the challenges faced in fundamental matters relating to education, health and community care.

Call or email us

+960 332 3080

Where to find us

Universal Foundation,
39, Orchid Magu 20-02
Male, Republic of Maldives